Love          Laughter            Romance            Rebirth           Bliss

Donna Butler



Aurora Alexander is a psychic medium for celebrity clients.  Ghosts show up in her dreams and visions, even in her bed, demanding her help.  Sometimes her gift overwhelms her and gives her anxiety attacks, but she loves connecting the living to their departed loved ones.

 Curtis Love is a platinum selling rapper and producer and one of Rory’s clients.  He has a girlfriend, but he finds it impossible to resist Rory’s charms. All he wants to do is spoil her with jewels, designer clothes, a personal bodyguard and mind-blowing sex.

When Curtis breaks up with his girlfriend, the lovers expect smooth sailing ahead. But his jealous ex is deadly and violent ghosts loom on the horizon. When Rory is haunted by the ghostly victims of a savage serial killer, how far will she go to save her client who is dating him? How long will the killer tolerate Rory’s meddling detective work? 

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